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Three Pieces of My Heart

All I seem to feel is hurt and pain

The pieces of my heart just don't seem to fit again

What did I do? Where did I go wrong?

I just want you back but it's taking too long

The pain I feel is like no other

You should be with me, I'm your mother

My beautiful babies you mean so much

I'd do anything now to feel your touch

I can't sleep or eat, you're on my mind all the time

I just want you home because after all you are mine

This is painful torture that I just want to stop

So many thoughts in my heart it could literally pop

Confused …. angry … did it get to this?

Please I beg you just one little kiss

My whole life has been ripped apart look where I am now …….

Back to the start ……

The pain …the numbness is one I can't describe

We are supposed to be a family, one they couldn't divide

I’m so sorry for how things have turned out

But I'll make off your future is perfect, there is no doubt

I'll do my best to stop the pain

And to have you all back in mummy's arms again

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