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ADHD Screening Service

Our ADHD Screening Service is used to support a diagnosis. It consists of: an initial consultation, completion of the QbCheck, ADHD Rating Scales, and a discussion of the results and what steps should be taken next.


The screening test can be very helpful for parents, adults or children in determining whether ADHD is present as the QbCheck screener allows you to measure the core ADHD symptoms including inattention, activity, and impulsivity. We can test people from 6-60 years old. Each participant is compared to an age and gender-matched control group and an ADHD control group, allowing you to understand the severity of the symptoms.This then allows you to make informed decisions about next steps: future referrals or formal diagnosis.

Additionally, QbCheck is designed and FDA approved for treatment evaluation. Please note: our ADHD Screening Test does not produce a formal diagnosis. However, if the screening test shows there is a strong likelihood that the participant has ADHD, we will discuss the results with you and suggest what your next steps could be. For example, with your consent, we can send the results accompanied by a letter detailing the situation to your GP or private consultant requesting that they continue on the ADHD pathway.

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What is included in the screening test? 

Once you make an enquiry, an initial consultation will be arranged with you to discuss the process. Following the consultation, you will then be sent a series of questionnaires which we ask you to complete to gain a wider perspective of your situation. Once completed, the participant will then be invited to take the QbCheck Test. 

The QbCheck Test is an objective testing system that simultaneously measures attention, impulsivity and motor activity, key indicators in helping formulate a diagnosis of ADHD. The results obtained by the test may be used to help form a better understanding of any cognitive and behavioural difficulties.


If there is a strong likelihood of the participant having ADHD, we will discuss the next steps with you. Please note: The QbCheck Test is not a diagnosis; however, it is a sophisticated screening tool which can be used to support a diagnosis.


The QbCheck Test is recognised by health professionals and due to its high reliability and accuracy, it is used to give consultants who specialise in this area a greater confidence that the scores are robust. QbCheck is backed by more than 35 studies, demonstrating its ability to perform. QbCheck looks for and identifies things that cannot be found with subjective interviews and questionnaires on their own.

In order to receive a formal diagnosis, you or your child

would still need to refer into the NHS ADHD pathway or be referred to a private consultant of your choice.


While the Qb CheckTest is a robust tool and acts as the first stage in the diagnosis process, it cannot guarantee that your referral through the next stage will be expedited.  

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The full cost of the ADHD Screening Test is £150

This includes: 

  • Initial consultation and screening questionnaires

  • QB Check Test and Test Taker's Observation Report

  • Discussion of the results and suggestions for next steps

If you would like to book a test for you or your child please complete the contact form below. 

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