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Friends, Partners and Thanks

As a charity New Beginnings wouldn't be where we are without our wonderful friends, partners and volunteers. As well as other organisations/people that champion us. We want to give special thanks to those who have supported and helped us along the way. Here are their stories.

If you want to help Contribute to New Beginnings and the work we do with parents and their children you can follow the link here.

Stockport Family.jpg

Stockport Family

Since 2018 we've worked closely in partnership with Stockport Family. Without their support and trust in our vision there would be no New Beginnings. We  are grateful to Deborah Woodcock who agreed to pilot our project and the continued support, advice and direction from Rebecca Key, Rachel Rollings and the all the social workers, independent reviewing officers and support workers in the Stockport area, who help us keep our family's together.

Our Wonderful friends at Stockport family.
Matthew Collecting a new laptop courtesy of Community Computers

Community Computers

Thank you @CommunityComput for this fantastic laptop that was donated to us today. All made possible by Stockport's generous #DigiKnow partners! Donations like this make a huge difference to the families we work with. 

Phoenix Tower International Wings Foundation

In December of 2023 we were blessed to be visited by Darren Long of Phoenix Tower International. He was representing their Wings Foundation charity that gives back to multiple foundations across the globe. Thank you Darren and thank you Phoenix Tower International. Donations like this help our family's tremendously.

Josh and Will Quince.jpeg

Josh MacAlister & The Independent Review of Children's Social Care.

In Early 2022 New Beginnings' work was highlighted in the Independent Review of Children's Social Care chaired by Josh MacAlister and a special panel. Josh came to visit us with MP Will Quince to listen to our families and their social workers stories so that they could understand how to improve Parental engagement with Children's social care

The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund

In 2020, we were awarded 3 years of funding from the Reaching Communities Fund that enabled us to transform from a small community project into a charity with a CEO, Post Programme Support Worker and Peer Mentors. 

Modern Ballet Dancers

The Digital App


Activate Funding

As a result of Activate Funding from Winston Churchill Fellowship, we were able to transform our programme paper workbook, into a digital resource for parents to use.

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