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In the suburbs
Our Impact

Established in 2018, we have steadily grown over the years. We have now worked with 101 families.

The following data relates to families who completed the New Beginnings Foundation (NBF) 24 week Attachment and Trauma Informed Programme:

Updated October 2023

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Of the 58 families who completed the NBF Programme, across 10 Cohorts, 55% achieved a Step Down in the severity of their situation

*[55% = 56 out of 101 families]

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 85%* of children were successfully rehabilitated home to their birth families. 

* [11 of the 13 children who were in foster care at the start of the programme, ]

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Of the 58 families who completed the NBF programme, 

 70%* of children had no social care intervention at all. 

*[70 out of 100 children]

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We have 13 active peer mentors facilitating group work sessions and CPD workshops for New Beginnings. 

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On average, NBF safely returns 1 child from Local Authority care back to their family, per cohort.


Each child removed from care saves the LA approximately £70k per annum.

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In 2021, a Cost Benefit Analysis carried out by GMCA showed that New Beginnings had saved Stockport Social Care £670,000.

[This data was derived from the work carried out with 12 families who collectively had 20 children between them].

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