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Mission and Promises


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep children in the child protection system safe from harm.

At New Beginnings we believe that by building meaningful relationships based on trust, respect and honesty we can support families who have experienced significant trauma.

We are an independent charity that works in partnership with children's services. We therefore have the independence and flexibility to tailor innovative therapeutic services to meet the needs of our families, whilst maintaining our strong commitment to tackling issues that families in the child protection system face. 

By working alongside social care professionals, we aim to improve relationships between parents and their social worker which we recognise can often become polarised due to context of the child protection system. 

Our Promises

  • We will always be passionate about providing the best possible outcomes for parents and their children – and this drives everything that we do. We believe that by understanding parents as being people who have children, children's needs would be better met. Our child protection system is almost entirely organised around the needs of children and yet, neglecting a child's parent's suffering is more likely to affect the well-being of their child. We want to better meet parents' needs so that their children can thrive. 

  • We will embrace diversity and champion inclusion. We are committed to valuing difference and diversity in our workforce and the families we work with. We believe that identity should be celebrated and promoted so that individual needs can be met.

  • We will nurture and strengthen, caring relationships with families and professionals. We recognise that authentic participatory practice can only occur in spaces that are safe, supportive and open to challenge. 

  • We will value and invest in our staff so that they can be the transitional attachment figure families need to effect change. We give our team the same love, care and compassion as we do our families. 

  • We will always go the extra mile for our families. We never say 'good bye'; we will be there whenever we are needed. 

Love Locks
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